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Users can create qr codes that can be customized, uses can set the size of the QR code, and background color. users can also create text barcodes, URL for hard linking, contact information QR codes, and can even create SMS QR codes and vCard QR codes for business cards.



QR Code
Users can easily create QR Codes with the provided QR Code Generator  that can be used for URLs, Tweets, iPhone Apps, Android Market Downloads, Google Analytics Campaigns and Audio. Once done the code can be saved under multiple file extensions such as PNG, JPG, EPS, or SVG formats.



This QR code generator software or online application allows users to create QR codes.  this tool has been used by businesses and individuals for many purposes such as, advertising, education or just for fun.



Online Qr Lab
Users can create QR codes with embedded text, SMS message, e-mail addresses, phone number, contact information and even geographical locations from Google Maps. Users will also be able to decode QR codes also.



This generator produces simple QR codes from specified user links.



Users are able to create, organize and track their created codes. Users also have the ability to create different code formats and organize them into one place no matter how many a user has.



Zxing Project
This QR code generator allows users to create QR code for multiple types of information such as Contact info, Calendar Event, Geographic Location, SMS messages, Email Address, Phone number, URL, text and WiFi Network link.



Mobile Barcodes
This QR Code Generator quickly generates a QR codes from URL, Text messages, Phone numbers, Email Address.



Users can easily encode their QR Codes with Text, Website URL, Telephone Number, SMS Message, Email Addresses and Messages,Google Maps Locations, Paypal Buy Now Links, and most Social Media.


This mobile QR code generator allows users to create and share codes as well as providing the user with a business card option.



Azon Media QR
Users can create QR code from multiple sources, such as Text, Website URL, Phone Number, SMS Message, Email, Contact Details, Google Maps Location and social media networks



After registering users can create many QR codes from website URL, E-mail, Contact Info, Calendar event, Phone number, SMS, Geological location and Text.



Google | URL Shortener
This great service allows the user to take a long URL and shorten it to create a General QR code..



CThis Generator QR codes for: URLs, phones, SMS, Contacts and text and is available as an app on an iphone.



Users are able to create Basic QR Codes from URLs, Email, Phone, Text and almost all social medias.



This generator can be used to create different QR code types such as QuickMark and DataMatrix. Users can also specify the save format such as png, jpg, gif, svg output. There are also applications available for iPhone and Android.



Users can QR Code either a link to a website, message to friends, or your contact details.  One the information is setup the information is transformed into a mobile barcode.



This online QR code maker. generates 2D barcodes and includes features such as setting an expiration, track usage and password protect them.


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  1. Raihan
    February 27, 2014

    Free QR Code Maker: Text, Email, Geo Location, SMS, MMS, Phone number, URL Bookmark, Contact (meCard), Contact (vCard), WiFi, Paypal, Youtube, Facebook Profile Info, Twitter Info, Envato User, Alexa Info, Whois Info, Compete Info, Quantcast Info, Histats Info and more.

  2. Anonymous
    October 24, 2013

    Sweet I’ve been looking for something to link up to my website for internet ads and for print ads, too!
    I like that I can do it from my phone.

  3. Anonymous
    July 28, 2013

    Hello my friend! I want to say that this post is awesome, nice written and come with approximately all vital infos.

    I would like to look more posts like this .

  4. Snipp Interactive
    June 21, 2013

    We just launched a free generator that is completely customizable – SnippQR: – we’d love to be on your list, Jetmir.

  5. qrlove
    May 30, 2013

    Leaving out the best QR code script is not a good idea. is worth mentioning

  6. PazaniT
    May 15, 2013

    Another QR Code Generator

  7. txtromance | TXT Romance
    April 6, 2013

    […] Jetmir Troshani's Blog at CUNY Academic Commons » List of QR … can create QR codes with embedded text, SMS message, e-mail addresses, phone number, contact information and even geographical locations from Google Maps. Users will also be able to decode QR codes also. […]

  8. Jesper_F
    April 5, 2013

    I use zumoqr to my QR campaigns and can highly recommend the system.
    You can sign-up for a Free Account here:

    In my opinion its an amazing QR management system in which you can create dynamic, ad-free QR codes with an unlimited amount of scans.

    Plus you get a 30-day access to all features!
    When signing-up for a Free Account you’ll be given an extra bonus of a 30-day access to
    all the features and will be able to download QR codes in EPS, PDF, SVG and PNG formats, choose and edit the color of the QR code, statistics for the scanning results of all your QR codes and much more..

  9. Aric Boyles
    April 3, 2013

    Great list, but can’t leave out!

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