List of Video Converters

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Be more flexible with your Online teaching and take advantage of  this list of Video Converters.



This online multimedia site allows users to convert public and private videos to different video devices such as mobile phones or ipod users can watch their video or play mp3 files anywhere. Also includes the ability to convert video content in different video formats and and share them world wide.


This site is considered an online community where users and friends can upload their ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications and share with others and is looking to make itself the ultimate online social network for mobile phone users with the widest selection and best experiences.



This site allows users to transform their songs, videos, images and documents into different high quality formats. It is a great way to organize their file system by providing the user with a one stop solution for all their  file conversion needs.


This site allows users to download youtube videos and convert them and also captures and converts video and MP3s from ANY site for FREE!.  Great features include youtube video downloads and many other sites, convert downloaded files to MP3/AVI/MP4, for devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc..



This site allows the user to convert online videos and audio from YouTube to MP3. This service always uses the  best quality videos to produce best quality MP3’s best of all this service can be used for personal or business use and is compatible with most mobile devices.



Users can use their home screen to choose between entering a link to a media file or  uploading a file or even browsing Youtube for a video. This allows the user to convert more videos which are embedded into Flash players. Free users are able to convert files up to 100MB, however for a service fee can convert up to 1GB.


Users have the ability to convert audio video images and documents into many types of formats as well as being able to send or deliver the created file(s). This service is free, instant, and does not require any download or software installations.



With this online service users can perform multiple tasks such as convert video, audio, rip DVD, Record screencasts, cameras. edit 2D, 3D video, apply effects, create slideshows, burn Blu-ray/DVD, capture any screen activity, record sounds and voice over, edit screencasts, add captions, save recordings in any format, Video editing and Powerpoint to Video Converter.

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  1. Erwin Dallas
    March 13, 2014

    Hey there, I am a frequent user of video converters and I also have something to add here. My opinion is that online converters like Zamzar for example are not always good since you need to have a good Internet connection and converting large files is pretty time consuming. So I have 2 programs that I can recommend to add to this list, they are Total Video Converter and 4Free Video Converter They are both software so you need to download and install them, however the quality and the time required for conversions are much better than on comparing to the online ones.

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