5 Features i like about CourseSites.com for my Hybrid Courses

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I have been using CourseSites.com for few months now and I am very happy with the unparalleled experience it offers. (CourseSites is an online platform I use to run my hybrid courses.)

CourseSites has truly enhanced my capabilities as an instructor to teach my courses. There is a long list of aspects I like about it’s platform, but let me touch on 5 features I like the most.

Mobile Learn
With Mobile Learn not only me but my students also can access the course on CourseSites from a variety of devices. I like the fact that my students are able to have access to the course on their Cellphone devices, where they can take quizzes, interact with discussion forums and learn on the go at their own paste.

Creating quizzes with CourseSites is quick and easy. My Students can access the interactive tutorials on CourseSites and then take the quizzes on the materials covered. I also use quizzes as an attendance point in my hybrid courses.

The new and improved Forums on CourseSites. I use Forums as platform for group work assignments.  Students can interact with each other and follow-up on course discussions we had from Face-to-Face meetings.

Grade Center
On the Grade Center I love the smart views which help me easily access only those categories of columns I choose. Smart views are easy to use and quick to create.

Instructor’s Home Page
Instructor’s home page is where I can implement my own webpage, with personalized URL’s, so my students can quickly access my courses, links, social networking and blog posts.

Over all CourseSites is my favor pick, I really do feel I am using the best possible on design & functionality. Lastly CourseSites makes it very easy to organize my courses with tons of course structures and color schemes to choose from.

And, did i mention that it is a free platform powered by Blackboard?

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