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As a way to align ourselves with new technology and popular trends it is vital that we make the students aware and encourage their accomplishments. Digital Badges are becoming a popular way to acknowledge professional skills. Additionally, Badges could be used to recognize, assess, motivate and evaluate learning. Our goal is to help implement this system, create and distribute authentic badges for students that have successful completed multiple levels of administered workshops, including CS5 and Microsoft Office applications.

Implementation of Badges: We are planing to start with 3 level Badges on CS5 Training and 3 level Badges on Microsoft Office Training. In order to receive level 1 Badge the student must finish 4 intro (level 1) workshops in respective areas. Same goes for level 2 & 3 Badges. Level 3 Badge will be called the ‘Master Badge’ since the students have in fact completed 12 workshops in respective concentration areas.

Finally, upon receiving a Badge all students will be acknowledged via the LaGuardia’s ISMD Facebook Page. This update will also serve as an authentication of rewarded Badge.


  1. Jetmir Troshani
    October 17, 2012

    Go right ahead:) Thanks Much for your input…

  2. Roxanne McGahey
    October 16, 2012

    what a fantastic idea. Not only children but adults respond well to the recognition he received with badges. Acknowledgment is a good thing. As a piano and theory teacher regular recognition is vital to the student success.Music Theory Online Is an online every program which recognizes students access “every step of the way”.

    Once again thank you for a great post. I found it extremely interesting. I hope you don’t mind if I send some traffic your way and share some of my colleagues and friends.

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