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Here is a list of Mind Mapping Tools to better organize your personal life.




MindMeister is an online mind mapping and collaboration tool that runs from your web browser and Mobile devices. It is used by teachers to help student perform activities and stimulate the increase of student achievements.




VUE stands for Visual Understanding Environment, this mind mapping tool focuses on creating flexible management and the integration of digital resources to support of teaching, learning and research. This tool gives the user a flexible visual environment that is ideal for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information.




iThoughtsHD allows users to mind map on an iPad.  This IPad Mind Mapping tool will allow the user to import and export mind maps from other mind mapping tools.  This gives the user great flexibility in using any mind mapping tool they desire and use iThoughtsHD to work and distribute mind maps.




Mind42 is pronounced Mind FOR TWO it is a collaborative browser based online mind mapping tool that allows the user to manage their ideas.  This tool allows multiple users to work on the same mind map and share ideas. No installation necessary simply accesses the site and use anywhere.




Freeplane is free and open source software that supports the user in thinking, sharing information and completing tasks in school, home and work. The functions provided are great for mapping out concepts and information. This application works with any O.S. with a current version of Java.




Xmind is a professional mind mapping software that allows the users to brainstorm their solutions in a very efficient manner.  Provides the user with a great time saving mind mapping solution that gives a company effective power.




DropMinds mind mapping tool helps the users think, manage and share their information and ideas with each other visually. It is known to be a collaborative software that allows the users work in real time with everyone. Projects can now be managed efficiently because users are always close together when mapping out a project.




Creately’s mind mapping tool allows the users to draw and collaborate in real time. Users can easily create Flowcharts, Wireframes and works with diagram types. This tool provides the user with many templates and Collaboration Support to work with clients.




Mindomo provides the user with a presentation mode that allows them to clarify goals and objectives, as well as work and collaborate in real time. Users can take their complex ideas, structure them in to an easy to understand form and even embed audio & video files. Many other features include: Spell Check, export and import mind maps, add task info and auto calculate, create folders and organize map, password protected maps, Friends list, Comment and vote on topics, add multilevel numbering and Work offline with Mindomo Desktop.




SpiderScribe is an online collaborative brainstorming and mind mapping tool. Users can organize ideas by connecting notes, files and calendar events, and then share them with others all in real time. Spiderscribe provides people with the ability to access maps from anywhere and users can even export maps into images or embed in to a website.




Bubbl.us is an easy online brainstorming application; users can create and share colorful mind maps. Users can easily email, print, save as an image and embed the mind map to a blog or website.




Wisdomap mind mapping tool allows the user to generate organized memorable and portable visual information. It can be used as a teaching tool to make learning more interesting and effective.




MAPMYself is a web service, with several types of subscriptions, personal, business, educational. Users can generate mind maps and share with others based on type of work environment.




MindRaider is known as an outliner and personal notebook; users can connect the traditional outlines with new emerging technologies. MindRaider helps in the organization of knowledge and relates to web, local and real world resources that allow for quick navigation and brief representation.




SmartDraw, is known as the first visual processor that creates visuals for its users.  All the user has to do is input their information, and SmartDraw does the rest.  Data is automatically aligned and applied as professional design themes, allowing for good presentation quality mind maps every time. Features include automatic formatting and Quick Start Templates.




Dokeos is a mind mapping course management web application that has translations for 34 languages; currently this tool is already helping thousands of organizations worldwide with managed learning and collaboration activities. Features include, Rapid Learning, Quiz builder, learning management system, Web 2.0 collaboration and Reporting.


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    MindMup: Zero-friction online mind mapping

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