Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

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Here is a list of Tools to Create Your Own Infographics



What About Me?
This personalization tool allows the user to produces colorful infographics that  can be displayed on any social media automatically Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This Intel provided tool easily creates an infographics the users digital life allowing for  you to be inspired by the people you know, the things you see, and the experiences faced online.


This online tool allows users to easily create professional resumes in a fun and relevant way with single clicks. Users are able to express their professional accomplishments by using interesting personal visualizations, this tool is great for enhancing your LinkedIn Profile for a impressive Visual Resume.



This infographics tool allows users to create a group of different types of Visuals, themes, Icons, images and charts. Users can easily drag, drop and click through various available color schemes, shapes and fonts, and then export the materials to embed it for use on a site..


This infographics creator tool allows users to use a simple drag & drop interface. Users can easily create and share visual ideas online such as ‘vhemes’ or visual themes as an assist to getting started. Users have a  canvas that gives them the opportunity to turn ideas into a full infographics.


Visually helps users customize infographics in seconds, without the need of being an analyst or designer. You can Visually Create and discover infographics from other users.


This is a simple tool used to create static and interactive infographics. Users can import raw data to, and to the online site, that  will assist in turning the data  into a presentable chart or full-blown infographics in minutes.



Many Eyes
This an IBM Research and the IBM  based tool provides the user with a range of visualizations from the ordinary to the experimental, and each visualization can be put together with one click.



This tool users create and publish custom infographics, engage viewers and track results. Features include the ability to create beautiful infographics for blogs and websites.  Users can actually watch the numbers of your audience increase.



This tool allows users to create presentable charts in minutes that include interactive and easy-to-share data. iCharts allows users to easily visualize, share and distribute large and small data.



This free digital timeline site tool, easily allows users to organize the web content by date and time. Users can quickly and easily bring history to life with spectacular multimedia timelines.



Timeline JS
This time-line creator tool  allows the user to easily and naturally pull in media from different sources with built-in support for Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wikipedia, and SoundCloud.



A tool that offers web-based and desktop software for easy data analysis, efficient and enjoyable, allows users to  generate creative diverse mapping and visualization needs.



InFoto Free

This free Android infographic creator app allows the user to emphasize their style of photo taking by using the supplied Photo stats analyzer. Users can create high resolution infographics from their own  photo collection. App provides feedback such as time of the day users prefer to take photos, horizontal or vertical orientations preferences  as well as the favorite city to shoot in.



Photo Stats
This  iPhone app allows the user to analyze their photos that were taken on their iPhone. The app is able to generate cool and stylish infographics that display how, when and where the photos were taken. Uses can easily visualize their photo taking habits and share it with friends and others.



An online tool that allows users to instantly create their own interactive map, without requiring any installation or coding,  the created maps can also be easily embedded to your own website or blog.



Tableau Public
This free windows application helps bring user data to life. Uses can create and share interactive charts and graphs, stunning maps, live dashboards and interesting applications easily in minutes.



This tool allows users to quickly create beautiful diagrams, it can be used by anyone in from any line of work such as individuals, corporate teams, developers, software architects, students and teachers alike.  This is an tool excellent to use for diagramming purposes.



This tool easily assists user in creating professional quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plan and technical drawings. Users can easily drag & drop all the way to make an infographics, users can use many shapes from its extensive available library.



SIMILE Widgets
This free widget allows users generate data visualizations.



This tool converts words into famous speeches, news articles, slogans, themes, even your love letters it is referred to as a visually stunning word cloud. Every word is individually sized to highlight the incidents of occurrence within the body of provided text.



This simple to use web app is great for generating “word clouds” from the text that users  provide.  This cloud of data  takes user information and improves upon it to make it better users can also tweak their clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.


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    You can find infographics easily on it is a search engine which extracts textual information and categorize them automatically.

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