List of Content Curation Sites

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This website allows people to collect and send content through the web. People can share their interests with others and post them online for others to comment on and share, the information is used placed under categories for easy viewing and collaboration.



Allows people to clearly understand what others are talking about in their social media posts.  Users can post their interest and accomplishments and spotify will make it come to live in story form that can be shared with others.



This visual collaboration tool allows users to collect, organize and  share any URL, personal photos or notes. This visual interface allows the users to organize their data by dragging content into units, this is know as pearls than can be structured as a tree.



This virtual pinboard allows users to organize and share all the nice things found on the internet. Users can browse boards that other people have created and learn new things that are inspiring others. This tool can be use to plan weddings, share favorite recipes and decorate homes.



This service allows the user to store all their favorite information on the web. Users can store any type of media such as videos, pictures, products, blogs ,music or even articles. article or music. This service helps the user find the information at later times and helps them remember where the data was placed.



This tool allows users to choose their most important data about their favorite topics, photos, videos, tweets, presentations or articles. Great to use for research purposes where data can be found and stored here for later use or reference.



This tool allows users to select, organize, and look for items in a collection then create a (Bag) where the data can be stored by topic. Multiple related bags can be then linked together allows users to get complete information about that specific topic.



This tool allows users to easily share any data such as post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from anywhere such as  browser, phone, desktop, email or any online source.  Users have the ability to customize colors, themes even HTML.


This service allows users to publish newspapers on topics they like and give their readers to new news daily.



Users are provided with the ability to research any topic, people can find high quality information, new sources, and never miss a related article based on the person’s unique interests, no matter what they are.


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  1. Eric Moran
    March 5, 2013

    Flashissue is another Content Curation tool that also helps you gather and send your content to others via newsletter format. You could also combine Flashissue with other tools listed here to create a perfect combo to select and deliver you content via email or social networks.

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