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This site allows the user to create a magazine by adding images, photos, videos, animations and audio. Users can customize and publish for desktop and mobile devices.



This online service allows the user to convert a pdf file to a flash book, users can flip through pages similar to a book as well as zoom in and out. This service keeps images crystal clear without creating any distortion.



Flash Flipbook 3D

This digital publishing application allows users to work between different file types from  PDF to Flash Flippingbook and MS Office and contains flipping book conversion tools, that allows the user to work with both PC and Mac.




Free Flash Magazine Maker

This application allows the user to create a magazine with flippable pages, and comes with a conversion software.  All users can edit and control flash magazine, background sounds, background images and even edit magazine layouts.





OpenZine is magazine maker that allows the user to make a magazine on their own by using available online content.





This web curation tool allows users to easily tag pages, share them on Twitter and organise links so that they appear as attractive pages, and then embed them into a website.




Users can create their own newspaper in minutes, users simply find articles photos and videos from the web, with this service you can also search millions of interesting articles and place them on your own email.





With this service users can gather all of their files and PDF’s and have them converted to online publications with flippable pages.  It is as simple as uploading a PDF and letting this site do the rest, for a professional outcome.





This online editor allows users to work with an editing interface and create your own books. Users are given Drag and Drop cover designs and even a marketing page to help the user sell their books. Users can save files in different formats as well as share them with others.





This service allows the user to easily tell a story many types of data can be added such as text, images, galleries, links, music, videos, maps and lots more. These portable file types also knows as zeens can be posted to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and can even be embedded and shared on a blog.





This service allows the user to easily organize all interesting articles and put them into one place, magazinify also removes any popups that are associated with your articles and converts them in to nice presentable PDF formats and sends you a magazine at the end of the day with all the content that has been curated.





The service allows the user to upload PDF or JPEG files and create online flipping brochures easily and quickly without any extra work.





Users can now publish magazines from anywhere, this service gathers your device content as well as content you provide and then have them published almost instantly.


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