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This easy blogging software allows users to start new blogs and is great for publishing posts and uploading images.




Users can build and manage an online portfolio that includes up to 5 project with around 35 images. This tool is very useful to illustrators, and digital media professionals.




This application allows users to advertise their history and certificates to others online.



Users can create and maintain their site from here and they have access to all basic design tools and can update their site as many times as they like. This is a great tool to help create a site in minutes.



FolioSpaces    (Maintenance mode)

This fully featured electronic portfolio tools allows users to create weblogs, build resume’s and social network.  Users can easily connect and create online communities and are able to use tools to help setup a learning environment.




Users can create an online resume and portfolio in the same location,  OPResume provides the users with many extra free resources that include, job search tools, message boards, and industry news. Users have up to 30MB of free storage to use with this service.




This online portfolio allow users to present their work samples, resumes, and personal statements, in one location.  Users can search for jobs and even connect with employers to observe what they are looking for in an employee.




This interface allows users to customize and create multiple resumes and also include audio and video content. Once the user is satisfied with their progress the site provides them with a link that can be shared with employers, customers and coworkers.




This online application allows users to build their own website, users have many types of templates to choose from to design a presentable site.




Users can use this website creator to create pages with template skins and content widgets. Users can also easily drag and drop content widgets that are for pictures, text, video and Google Maps.




This free web software allows user to create a website or blog. This site includes a core software built by hundreds of community volunteers, and included more than one thousand plugins and themes that can be used.




This do-it-yourself website builder is a tool that allows users to create and customize their own websites. Wix includes a powerful user-friendly interface, Users have full control over their web design without needing to know any coding or programming.

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