25 Free Digital Audio Editors You Should Know

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22 Free Digital Audio Editors You Should Know




This audio editing software allows the user to record and edit sounds, users can record live video and the ability to convert analog data to digital data that can be placed on CD’s. Other features include sound mixes cuts, copies and splices and background noise reduction.


Power Sound Editor

This visual audio editing and recording software provides support for many types of sound editing capabilities, users can record their own music, voice, audio files, edit and mix with other audio parts, eventually the user can post their work online.



This  audio editor and recorder is used for compressed mp3 files. Users can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume without having to unzip the files for audio editing.


Music Editor Free

This software tool is used to record and edit music, the editing capabilities include cutting, copying and pasting parts of recordings and adding effects like echo, sound amplifiers and noise reduction.



This sound editor can be used for processing and recording sounds, in different types of formats. The features include audio editing,creating music loops, analyze, recording.  No installation is required which is great for users that do not like to populate computer space.


Traverso DAW

This is a multitrack audio recording and editing application, has a simple interface, that both home and business users can understand.  Users can add and remove plugin effects, move Audio Clips and creating new Tracks for playback.  The user can instantly see their outcome of the work done.



This audio workstation is mainly used to record, edit and mix audio with multiple tracks. Users can make their own CDs, mix video soundtracks, and test out new ideas. Users are also able to do multiple recordings and have the ability to redo and undo actions as many times as they like.



This audio and MIDI sequencer allows the user to easily learn how to edit and compose music.  Rosegarden is also referred to as a small studio or home recording environment.



This program allows a user to create a drum pattern and produce an audio sound based on the beat.


WavePad Sound Editor

This sound editor is used for creating and editing music, voice and other audio recordings. Users can edit audio files, cut, copy, paste parts of recordings, add effects and noise reduction.


Expstudio Audio Editor

This visual music file editor provides the user with many different options and a multiple functions for editing music files. With this editor users can perform many different tasks such as waveform image display, filtering, applying various audio effects, and format conversions.


DJ Audio Editor

This easy to use application allows the user to do multiple tasks without existing audio data. Users can professionally create and edit audio files and have the ability to display a waveform image of the created audio file.



This audio file editor works with multi-channel files that contains many functions for audio editing.



This sound editor is mainly used for windows and allows the users to make and edit voice or other types of recordings..  Users are provided with all necessary features required in editing audio files.


Kangas Sound Editor

This program allows the user to create music and sound effects. This editor uses frequency ratios for pitch control. Users are able to use instruments to create the sound.


Audiobook Cutter

Users can split their MP3 audiobooks and podcasts in a quick and easy to use manner. The files that have been split can be used on mobile MP3 players because of the small format size.




This commercial program allows users to produce music with a computer. Functions include the creation of melodies, beats, synthesis and mixing of sounds and arranging of samples. Also included a MIDI keyboard to practice with.



This utility is used to split mp3 files where users can select a begin and an end time position, without any decoding.



This tool provides a user with a graphical interface that allows them to modify and edit audio files.  It is designed to work like a powerful personal home studio.




This audio editor allows the user to edit audio files..



This audio editor provides the user with live playback and compatible systems. Sweep works with many music and voice formats such as WAV and MP3 files.



This tool is useful for visualizing sound and making changes to. It has been setup to be used by both experts and beginners,  users are provided with functions that can be used on different tasks.

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