List of Mobile Web App Creators

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List of Mobile Web App Creators


This site allows the user to create, distribute and update their own mobile app. The user does not need any technical experience to create the app it is a quick and simple process.




This site provides the user with templates or categories that will allow them to create  custom app no matter what topic, for example Restaurant, Realtor, Business, Rock Band, and all the rest.  A great tool to promote your interests to others.




A great resource for users to build and manage their own mobile apps. It is great for promoting businesses as well as interests and also provide a widget function that makes it easy for the user to generate a web app.  This is a free service and allows users to have their app published in just minutes.

This free web platform allows the user to convert any web content into an Android App in just 2 steps and allows the user to transfer their ideas into their very own app. A great way to communicate and attract new customers.




Users can quickly create and publish a mobile App in minutes, it is great for events, Meetings and groups.  A great way to create a unique app that assists the user with their needs.




This site allows users to create their very own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites, the best part is there is no coding needed. This free app maker allows the user to make unlimited updates and contains basic features with the option to upgrade.


A simple to use cutting edge online App builder allows businesses & individuals to create Apps for  smartphones and tablets, no programming is required and is also  customizable.




Great site for anyone who would like to become a  mobile app developer. Provides the user with the ability to create iPhone, iPad, and Android apps for free in minutes with  no coding and is completely free to use.




Any user can use this site no experience necessary to build a full content app with just a simple point and click solutions. Best of all it is free.




 With no skill required anyone can go to this site and make personalized apps that reflects the users personality, event or business. Userc can create and publish apps, with out the need of expensive developers or programmers.  Also tutors users on app creation and how teaches them how to stop the rejection of getting a app published.


This is an open source app engine that  provides power to thousands of iPhone, iPad and Android applications. It is a software developer kits also known as the foundation for any mobile based project.


This online app builder allows users to easily create their your own iPhone apps. By following a simple wizard they select a type of app from a list, select name, add content and app store information and finally submit can choose the free or paid services. The team will then do all the development work for you.




This is an HTML app service users are able to use a single page to create and build the app using JavaScript. It is great for those coders who like to code their own way.




Users are able to plan and build their own mobile app and then instantly preview their creations on  iOS or android device’s web browser.  Users can instantly publish to the AppStore, Google Play Marketplace and mobile websites in just a few steps. The free account allows create ten projects, 25mb of storage and free HTML5 Hosted publishing.


This site allows users to create apps using web technologies such as HTML,CSS and JavaScript.  It is a free open source framework.


This  internet based platform allows users to create mobile applications within a few minutes, even users that do not have any special knowledge can successfully create mobile apps and earn from them. This is a free service upto some extent.


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