Twitter Hashtag Monitoring Tools

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Be more efficient using twitter in your classroom by using these  Twitter Hashtag monitoring tools.


This tool allows users to connect with their followers in a more organized and structured way. Provide the ability to share experiences, questions and ideas and streamline them to you inbound Tweets.


This page is a great location to become familiar with the community, users can interact and exchange messages with other Twitter users. The conversations allow the user to bring more purpose into your online account with multiple users as a twitter chat.



This tool allows users to us the tagboard to see the whole conversation across their networks. This social media hub can be used with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,, Vine, and Google+



This tool is an advanced Twitter Hashtags search engine. users are able to find the best hashtags to reach their audience. This free tool is so popular that since April 2011 the site has examined 1,219,854,026 tweets and collected data about 19,630,250 hashtags.


This tool allows users to follow Hashtags and discover conversations and allows users to link your hashtags to a single landing page where you can socially communicate with your group.



This service allows users to enter a hashtag based on their interests and in turn the real-time intelligence tool will track an event or follow a trend. Users can see a detailed report on the data gathered allowing them to focus on that specific topic.


RiteTag provides the users with tags that are perfect for getting their content to those who are actively looking for the information. A great way to advertise with the proper tags for a larger audience.


This service allows users to easily track social campaigns by using a search, users simply enter their keywords into a single search box to get started. The tool is as simple as using Google and also contains an ‘Advanced’ page for a more specific


This site allows users to track their hashtags so that they can become involved in Twitter conversations and gather important insights towards their industry, keyword, event, business, product, service or blog.

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