Caption and Translate any Video

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Take advantage of the web tools below to caption and translate your Videos.



This application allows users to search and download subtitles for their movies. It is very useful to deaf users who require subtitles without the hassle of searching for the subtitles.



This browser based application allows users to create and view subtitles for videos and translate them to and from any language. Users can transcript, edit and upload their videos, transcribe, time caption them, and then share them with the world.



This site allows users and large companies to translate online videos that are in another language. The benefits include ease for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, to understand videos in another language



This website allows billions of users to share their videos online now with more features being included they have added a caption translate feature located at the bottom of the Video with the CC button.



This free application allows users to create and edit YouTube Video Captions and easily create subtitles and closed-captioning that can be translated into other languages.



This site provides the user with a captioning and transcription service that are almost perfect and very accurate, and can also generate captioning that is highlighted as it is being read.  Most importantly, the captioning that is provided is time synchronized word for word for a more effective captioning effect.



This online subtitle and captions editor allows the user to easily translate their video by placing the URL of their FLV/MP4 file or youtube video and click the submit button.  Best of all you can also include this tool to your web page for easy access.


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