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Talking about ‘Data’ can often be boring, use these data visualization sites to spark more interest in your class.



This site allows users to build an interactive infographic and data visualization simply and efficiently .  There is no need to be a programmer or tutorials simply drag and drop, the site is also responsive which means the data will fit to scale .  Best of all users have the ability to show others their interactive stories.




This site provides the user with a knowledge resource that is displayed in infographics and data that has a visual aid based on the latest research findings and studies taken.  Users can share their opinions and interests with other for creating new ideas.




This site provides the user with more than 500 popular infographic designs that can be used to create interesting data visualizations with an appealing look.





This service allows users to create charts and graphs that allow them to communicate their data to others, these graphic visualizations allow people to turn boring data into interesting information.




Users are able to explore how designers, computer scientists and statisticians use the data to understand data by keeping track and visualize their daily routine, expenses this allows the  user to understand how things flow into place from their actions.





This sites purpose is to take boring information and transform it into a more appealing visualizations the site is dedicated to providing  the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams.




This site allows users to create data visualizations and infographics and  bringing together Marketers , Data Nerds and Design Junkies  together based on their shared interests. This service is a great way to show ecommerce and project management as a Visual platform. Users can easily make and distribute their infographics to other easier and quicker.




This service is a weblog that explores the relationship between creative design and visualization of information.  Users can collect projects that represent data or information in a more interesting and appealing way.



This site is a resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. Users are able to understand the different types of visualization methods, based on a wide range of topic areas.




A great site for users to goto and choose a visualization template and create their very own infographic by simply plugging in their data to create a visualization based on their data to distribute and share with others.


This site allows the community to come together and create Visualizations on important  issues through data and design and best of all it is on a  shared space and free resource for users to reach their goal.



This site is a great way for any user to create an infographic and share with others.  Users have the ability to view other peoples work which is a great way to learn aswell as find new ideas to advertise to others using the site.


This site is for those users who love to locate and view data filled illustrations.  This site spends a good amount of its time to provide the users with the most stimulating, interesting, and mind-blowing infographics. Visualizations are published every weekday providing the user with useful up to date information.


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