Social Media Management Applications

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Control your social media class interactions with these SM Management applications.



This social media management app allows users to monitor and post to several popular networks such as facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. users can conveniently create and schedule posts for future days.



This web app is used for social media management, that can be installed as a separate program on your computer. It can also be used on iPhone and Android users can can watch their updates stream in real-time when connected with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz and more.




This social media management application allows users to keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as manage and schedule posts to their blog.



This social media management app is mostly used for corporate profiles and small businesses. There is a right sidebar that displays user profile information and threaded conversations with the ability to add notes, track and analyze all conversations from Facebook and Twitter social platforms.




Bloggers and web designers can easily update their social media accounts with the new RSS feed posts by integrating this tool into their social accounts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StatusNet and HelloTxt for automatic updating.



This tool allows users to keep track of analytics because it provides a data feature integration that allows users to manage and measure data gathered and the size of their target audience  Best of all the data can be seen in graphs for comparisons.




This tool allows users to  plan and optimize their Twitter updates by scheduling them and spreading them out throughout the day. This eliminates the issue  overloading your social media and  flood the streams in a short period of time.



This tool is mainly used to schedule tweets on Twitter and allows users to send out their tweets in real-time based on when their followers are the most responsive or active on twitter.



This web-based tool can be used by businesses that use social media and organize and manage their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and can be used as both a communication and analysis platform.


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